Jake completed a Double Bachelor in Health and Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University graduating in 2021. Jake was fortunate enough to complete his placement at the RMIT health clinic in Bundoora where he received mentoring and practiced his hands on skills. 

Jake has grown up playing sports, particularly football and basketball. Jake is excited to explore treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries through osteopathic manipulative treatment, patient education and exercise rehabilitation. 

Jake has also been a student for the majority of his life and understands the effect that desk work and other laborious activities have on health, Jake is very passionate about postural education and the treatment of neck and back pain across all demographics and believes that we deserve to work and move in the absence of pain and discomfort. 

Key areas of experience:

  • Sporting injury management
  • Musculoskeletal and spinal assessment/treatment
  • Pilates-based exercise and rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical care and recovery
  • Third party assessment and treatment (Work-Cover, TAC, NDIS & DVA)