Vertigo & Vestibular Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help diagnose & treat vertigo, dizziness, and other related disorders. 

Vertigo can affect people of all ages and typically involves the following symptoms: dizziness, spinning sensation, balance problems or nausea.


Firstly, your physiotherapist will complete an examination of your neck structures, inner ear function and visual system to assist in diagnosing the cause of your symptoms. 


A physiotherapist can assist you with appropriate treatment for your specific condition or refer you to an alternative care provider. 

Treatment can vary including vestibular manoeuvres, cervical and muscular treatment, and home exercises. 

It is recommended you have a friend or relative drive you to your appointment as sometimes symptoms after treatment can cause nausea and or visual disturbances. 

Fun Fact:

Vertigo is most commonly described as when the room spins and can affect up to 40% of people at some stage in their life.