Sporting injuries are a frustratingly common issue for participants at all levels. When managed in a timely manner with the right advice, the differences can be significant for the individual in terms of timeframes for return to play/sport, safety of return, reduction of re-injury risk as well as self-awareness and confidence in management of the injury long-term.

We have highly trained staff to assist any sporting injury, by providing an accurate assessment, giving appropriate timeframes, and a guided plan to return to play. Currently our staff provide organised support to local football and swimming clubs.

On top of acute sports injury management, our physiotherapists are expertly positioned to provide advice on load management and injury prevention. Critical for participants aiming to increase their training load, or adolescents/children that are still growing. This advice/tailoring can help prevent short and long-term injuries, and build a professional baseline understanding of fitness/sports injury management for individuals moving forward.