Clinical research has proven that poor control and endurance of postural muscles is associated with lower back pain and movement dysfunction. Physiotherapy Exercise Training Groups will teach you how to correct this!

Our experienced Physiotherapists have studied the best way to train key muscle groups for back rehabilitation and core stability. Why would you let anyone who isn’t qualified in understanding your pain and condition, tell you what is safe exercise for you? You will receive a full assessment and careful supervision to ensure you are exercising correctly. Both group classes and individual rehabilitation sessions are available.

Groups: Beginners to Advanced

  • Pay for 6 sessions up-front to secure your spot and Save
  • Maximum of 6 people per class
  • Claim your health rebate on the spot!


Physiotherapy Exercise Training

Focuses on Type 1 Endurance Muscles of the deep abdominal region. Sometimes, when exercising your stomach muscles, you tend to brace everything. Correct training uses selective muscles to achieve dynamic balance and core stability.


Back pain or injuries? Weak Back?

Classes are graded to be at your specific level and small groups allow for constant supervision to make sure you are exercising safely.

Shoulder and Neck Pain.

Classes train the rotator cuff muscles and stabilising muscles to reduce pain and increase strength and control through the neck, upper back and shoulders.

Pre & Post Natal

Physiotherapy exercises are not only safe but will give new Mums and Mums To Be, increased strength and mobility to cope better with daily life demands.

Chronic Fatigue

Graduated core strength training will assist in rebuilding function and give increased energy and stability.

Groin and Hip Pain and Injuries?

Osteitis pubis, hip pain and arthritis all need the correct balance in the muscles to reduce pain and allow you to keep active in your sport and recreation.

Diabetes, Weight Loss and Whole Body Health

Physiotherapy exercise training helps to kick start your metabolism by exercising the deep muscle layers, helping reduce girth and tone problem areas.