Did you know that neck pain is the number 1 chronic condition worldwide?

So, if you’re experiencing neck pain, you are not alone. 30-50% of adults and 2-42% of children will have an episode of neck pain over the course of 12 months. One of the reasons neck pain is such a chronic condition is because of it’s reoccurring nature. Of those who experience neck pain, 37-80% will either have a persistent pain or the pain will reoccur. The best way to change this pattern is to get a thorough assessment and treatment plan in place, so the underlying contributing factors to your pain are addressed. 

What could these contributing factors include? 

  • Forward head posture - the weight of the head significantly increases as we move our head forward putting increased stress on the neck
  • Slouching - If you are hunched through the upper back your ability to move your neck is altered 
  • Injury (eg. Whiplash)
  • Sleeping position
  • New activity (e.g. job, sport, moving house) 
  • Stress

The majority of neck pain cases are categorised as mechanical neck pain. This means the painful sensation you are feeling can be reproduced by particular movements of your neck and often caused by the underlying joints and muscles. It is important to have a professional assessment to identify what contributing factors are at play and what structures are being affected. This will allow a personalised treatment and management plan and reduce ongoing symptoms.

What might treatment involve?

  • Massage and mobilisation at the affected area of the neck
  • Treatment of the upper back 
  • Exercises to strengthen the neck and upper body
  • Education about posture and sleeping position
  • Strategies to manage your neck pain if it reoccurs