What is Chair Yoga? 

Chair yoga is exactly what it sounds like – yoga poses that are performed sitting on, or with the support of a chair! There’s no need to worry about getting up and down off the ground in a chair yoga class, as you’ll be seated the whole time. Chair yoga is designed to help increase your mobility and flexibility through gentle dynamic stretches, while also promoting relaxation and concentration through deep breathing.

Who can do chair yoga?

Anyone who can sit comfortably in a chair! All of the movements and poses utilised in these classes can be modified to suit a wide range of abilities, injuries, and restrictions. You don’t have to be ‘fit’, ‘flexible’, or even know anything about yoga to enjoy chair yoga – this is a beginner-friendly style of yoga that aims to provide you with the basics and the occasional (easily modifiable) challenge.

What can I expect during a class?

Classes might start with a minute of mindfulness, inviting you to check in with your body and see how its feeling. You’ll work through a short, guided breathing exercise to help settle and ground you, before moving into a thorough warm-up designed to prepare you for the rest of the class. After the warm-up, you’ll be guided through a short series of poses and offered different variations to suit your comfort-level on the day. Towards the end of the class, you’ll move into slower, more static poses, finishing up with another opportunity to check in with your body and some guided deep-breathing