The child-bearing stage of life brings with it much joy and celebration; however, it can also bring with it a whole host of aches, pains, and concerns. At Lara Physiotherapy we are here to help! We offer physiotherapy specific to both pregnancy and the early postnatal period and can help with any physical pains as well as continence concerns that may arise during this time. 


The pregnancy package is best started early in your pregnancy, around 13-18 weeks, as evidence demonstrates there are excellent benefits to completing pelvic floor and general exercise during pregnancy on both mum and baby’s health. The package can, however, be booked at any time during your pregnancy.  

  • A 1hr initial session where we will discuss all things pregnancy! This includes talking about your pelvic floor and giving you strategies to help prevent pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy, providing advice on exercise that is specific to you and your stage of pregnancy as well as assessing and treating any pregnancy-related aches and pains you may have
  • A personalised home exercise program targeted at your level of exercise tolerance and your stage of pregnancy including a TheraBand (this will be provided after your initial session) 
  • 10% off any subsequent visits to the physiotherapist for the duration of your pregnancy to help manage those niggles that tend to arise (especially helpful later in your pregnancy!)
  • 10% discount on our 1hr information session for you and your birth partner (see below)
  • A free Tubigrip band for use during your pregnancy to support your bump 



The Labour and Early Postnatal Session is a 1hr appointment for a pregnant person and their chosen birth partner to attend. In this session we will discuss labour from a physiotherapy perspective, looking at early labour strategies, correct pushing, and ways to prevent pelvic floor and tissue damage during your labour. 

We will then discuss those first few weeks after having your baby including breast care, perineal or caesarean section care, breastfeeding posture, early pelvic floor health, bladder and bowel health and return to intimacy. 

There will be plenty of time during the session to discuss any questions or concerns you and your partner may have. We tend to recommend completing this session around 32-34 weeks of pregnancy.  


The Postnatal Package is best booked 6-8 weeks post-delivery, after you have reviewed with your GP/OB, however postnatal assessments can be completed up to six months after labour (if you have a pelvic related concern after this time feel free to book an initial Pelvic Health appointment instead).  

  • A 1hr initial session where we will assess your recovery after labour. This includes a thorough assessment of your pelvic floor, bladder and bowel health and DRAM/abdominal separation. We will also cover return to exercise advice specific to you and any ongoing aches/pains that have not eased since your pregnancy or new ones that may have appeared since then
  • Education on return to intimacy (if relevant and free lubricant samples if required)
  • A personalised home exercise program targeted at your level of exercise tolerance including a TheraBand (this will be provided after your initial session)  
  • A voucher to join a Postnatal Pilates class for a free trial session
  • A free Tubigrip band if required for abdominal compression to assist with abdominal separation or discomfort 



Exercise during the child-bearing stage is incredibly important for both mothers and their little ones. However, it can be difficult for many pregnant and postnatal mothers to determine the safest and most effective exercise for their current stage. Lara Physiotherapy can help! 

Claimable on private health insurance

  • Advised for antenatal clients before commencing a new exercise regime or postnatal clients with more complex rehabilitation needs before starting a Postnatal Pilates class
  • Identify your personal goals as well as any specific areas requiring attention during classes 
  • Involves a full assessment as well as a short Pilates session introducing the basic principles and movements of Pilates
  • Learn how to activate your core and rehab your pelvic floor
  • For those wanting a more personalised approach, or those with more significant rehab requirements, 1:1 sessions can be ongoing. 


Postnatal Pilates – 1hr Class

Claimable on private health insurance

  • These low impact classes are an excellent way of returning to exercise and are suitable for all exercise levels. They’re also a great way to meet other local Mums! 
  • With qualified, physiotherapist guidance we focus on regaining pelvic and core control as well as general strength and conditioning
  • We encourage baby participation with fun exercises that include your little one 
  • Babies of all ages are welcome however mums are responsible for monitoring mobile bubs to make sure they don’t get into any mischief! Older siblings are also welcome to attend
  • Classes are held at the Bisinella Community Hall with plenty of room to move as well as baby change facilities


We also offer in-person Clinical Exercise Classes, including Pilates reformer, throughout the week which can be modified for your specific needs.