Here’s some tips to shift the balance to more positive and effective work life balance amid this crazy new COVID existence

1. Set your work-station up in good light and away from other distractions if possible. Good chair and monitor height will reduce postural fatigue.   Children home schooling can be a challenge as they need a space also.  (or you could tie them up???)

2. Start the day with a walk.  After all you used to spend ages commuting to work so don’t tell me you don’t have time.

3. Differentiate your work and weekend clothes. Track gear is ok if that’s what you’re comfy in and acceptable for on line work meetings, but wear something different in your non work time.

4. Each day have a check in time with colleagues or team, either by zoom or call.  Stay connected.

5. Write daily and weekly task lists to keep on track with timelines.

6. Practice effective email responses.  Be timely in checking and responding and use clear, non-emotive language.

7. Take regular breaks as you would in a normal workplace.  Mealtimes, short walks to get coffee or water will help keep mental alertness and physical movement stops your body fatiguing too much.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Often the workplace is collaborative and it’s easier to solve a challenge when can throw ideas around and get other’s perspectives, even if it’s by zoom or chat.

9. Remember everyone is doing it tough.  Avoid negative language about other workers or situations as this can become toxic when people are isolated. Try to smile and say positive things…Its contagious just watch!

10. Still take days off or holiday leave.  Just because you’re at home or coping with limitations its important to keep a balance of work and play.  Be creative if during lockdown and find home projects or crafts to do  outside of work time.